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Taxpayer help from some excellent sources...

...get your money's worth as a taxpayer and voter and keep tabs on elected officials, find politicians and contact them directly, learn tax strategies, get tax tips, advice, answers, tax forms, filing tips, investment help, tax glossary, get help reducing your tax burden and even tax humor!

Widely acclaimed Project Vote Smart offers direct links to elected officials, tracks their voting, has a voter hotline, info on bills, legislation and issues, an online national research library of 40,000 candidates and elected officials and helps make you an informed citizen and taxpayer.  Highly recommended.

Hey, taxpayers -- what's the fastest way to get your Congressman's ear?  Go to "Quick Bitch"!  Hats off to this site for lots of insider stuff, cool info in plain language, access to citizen advocates, tips on visiting D.C., a Congressional directory, and you can even "Write Your Own Bill!"

SmartMoney's Tax Guide page is packed with tax help like home and family tax advice, work and business tax help, resources, planning tools, tips, news features, and more.

Tax-Aide, which is administered by the AARP Foundation, has IRS-trained and certified volunteers who answer tax questions. This free site for people of all ages also features tax law changes, online calculators, etc.

How-to help in paying taxes, filing returns line by line, plus lots of tax tips, tax break news, audits, and long-term tax strategies to help lessen the tax ordeal are at Money Magazine.

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights is a non-profit education and advocacy organization that helps you protect your interests and holds politicians and special interests accountable when they endanger the public; covers hot issues like HMO abuse, insurance news, junk fax ads and more.

Here’s a Do-It-Yourself Congressional Investigation Kit so you can find out who’s taking money and who’s giving money – who’s on the receiving end of the gravy train and how it affects your pocketbook.  Issues include health care, ATM fees, cable TV rates, airline ticket prices, phone rates and a whole lot more.

Go straight to the source.  The IRS provides tax forms, instructions, regulations, etc. for individuals, spouses, families, self-employed, businesses, plus tax fraud alerts, FAQs and more.

Beginning with Your Rights as a Taxpayer,” the IRS provides a list brimming with 219 files of publications and notices retrievable in four file formats. It's packed with tax guides for everyone.

Got tax questions? Look into tax strategies, filing tips, 401(k)s, IRAs, tax breaks for education costs, deductions, capital gains, day trading, tax tools, The Tax Man and more at CBS MarketWatch.

Louisiana State Univ. offers federal and state fax forms and other resources, even a one-stop guide for businesses, too.

Here’s an exhaustive directory of tax and accounting sites, plus plenty of tax topics, issues, state tax courts, links and organizations.

Tax deficiencies are disputed in the U.S. Tax Court and this site provides info on the tax appeal process.  The Tax Court ensures that taxpayers are assessed only what they owe, and no more.

Information about the role that taxes play in our society is provided by The Tax Foundation, whose mission is to educate the public about taxes, answer questions, and publish reports in a way that an informed layman can understand the complex tax system.

The Motley Fool is no fool when it comes to tax topics; be sure you check their excellent weekly tax articles, tax FAQs, and a host of tax-related features on investor, retirement, marriage, family, education, and home-office issues, and a lot more.

From tax sites, tax history and tax forms -- plus humor and quotes -- you'll find help at Tax World, provided as a public service to help you access state, federal and international taxing authorities.

How about tax information "with a Mother's touch?"  Just Ask TaxMama -- she's got plenty of tax resources, small business help, investment secrets, a tax library and lots more!

Just what you need, a tax glossary!

And let’s not forget a financial glossary. wants to help you maximize what you earn and minimize what you pay in taxes at their guide to reducing taxes pages where you can become tax-savvy.

Holy tax dollars!  Your Uncle Sam has created an unbelievably useful site, and as a taxpayer, it belongs to youThe Great American Web Site is packed with valuable information for all of us -- students, business people, artists, scientists, veterans, senior citizens, and everyone else.

A tax site for kids?  Yes -- developed as part of a Presidential Initiative to make government more understandable to children. Kids can start their own lemonade stand or lawn mowing service, and learn why we pay taxes.

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