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Fed up with rude, selfish stressful jerks? Get this funny book! Click for info.Stressed by people around you with bad manners or no ethics? Not gonna take it any more? You're not alone... and you'll love this book! 

“This book is really funny! Thanks for the chuckles!
    --Lenore Skenazy, NY Daily News

Hilarious!, Very clever!Well-crafted!
--Midwest Book Review 

This book is brazen, it’s funny, and it’s on your side, suggesting a brand new tax code that lifts the tax burden off you and shifts it to the rude, selfish, greedy, uncivil, unethical and impolite!

Let’s tax the schemers, corporate honchos, and jerks who disrespect you, dump on you, scam you, bust your chops, or take advantage. After all, it’s time for new tax laws anyway. And time you got the respect you deserve.

It's a humorous book with a clever new take on gripes and pet peeves -- you get stress relief, tax relief, respect and satisfaction!

Bullies and bozos should be taxed for their bad attitudes and bad behavior – those you deal with every day like bosses, doctors, co-workers, cabbies, HMOs, careless dog owners, relatives, lawyers, commuters, store clerks, businesses, etc.

A feel-good book that puts the tax burden where it belongs!

Slap the offenders with “tax classifications” for their thoughtless actions, aggressive behavior, nasty exploitations, lack of etiquette, and other  tax-worthy transgressions.  In other words, Tax The Rude, Not Me! 

It’s a taxpayer dream come true – so brace yourself for a laugh-out-loud good time!

The IRS may not think this is funny, but you will! Finally,  someone’s put into words what you’ve been thinking all along. You’ll find yourself agreeing with – and applauding – this funny, stress-busting book.

In fact, we’re so sure you’ll recognize someone you know who’s tax worthy... we guarantee it!

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ISBN 0-9678330-0-0, 160 pages, $10.95 US
RipTide Press, P.O. Box 20601, NY, NY 10023

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Tax The Rude, Not Me!
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Totally real 
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Totally bogus 
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