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This humorous book takes direct aim at your gripes and pet peeves...

Tax The Rude, Not Me! is a funny antidote to the stress of everyday frustrations. Let’s shift the tax burden to the rude, selfish, greedy, arrogant, obnoxious and uncivil!  The rest of us can get some respect – and the best tax shelter ever!

Here's a preview of a few "taxes"...

outer limits TAX – infuriating supermarket shoppers who insist on going through the supermarket "express" checkout ahead of you knowing full well they exceed the posted maximum limit

PiÑata TAX – neglectful surgeons who sew up a patient's body cavity, after they've left a spool of thread, retractor, cloth, clamp, pair of scissors, or other surprise inside

PAYROLL TAX – barbarians who never acknowledge or thank you for opening or holding a door for them; they assume you've accepted the position as their personal valet

SHRAPNEL TAX – stores that use peel-off price tags which are segmented so as not to come off in one piece, but break up into many small pieces -- or price tags that never come off at all -- so the product you bought has a sticky residue, white ghostly "leftovers", and looks like hell

petrie dish TAX – restaurant customers who use the rest rooms, don't wash their hands, and then dig around in the candy dish at the cash register for their favorite after-dinner mint

terms of endearment TAX – businesses that lay off their customer service staffs and play bogus recordings like, "There will be a delay in speaking to a representative due to the large number of calls," or what about "Your call is important to us"

REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY TAX – drivers who veer toward a highway exit, change their minds, then shift into reverse and back their rear ends out into oncoming traffic, aiming right for your front bumper

withholding  TAX sales clerks who don't tell you that the dress or suit you're paying for right now will be 40% off during the giant storewide sale tomorrow

BUTTHEAD TAX – obnoxious smokers who toss their butts everywhere -- sidewalks, patios, lawns, corridors, boardwalks, outdoor planters, carpeting, vestibules, stairwells, beaches, you name it

CHALK OUTLINE Tax – makers of stick deodorants that leave lose white chalky streaks and patches all over your dark clothes

Also!... Previews of taxes for those behaving badly at the gym here.

There’s also...





and lots more ... you get 568 laugh-out-loud “taxes” for the rude, selfish, greedy and annoying.  Every jerk you know is in this book!  Click here to see what the media and readers themselves say about Tax The Rude, Not Me! 

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