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Health, Medical, Nutrition, Diet, Drug Info, Patient's Rights -- be safe, be smart, stay well...

...get health news, medical hotlines, hospital rankings, diet and nutrition links, drug interactions, food safety alerts, poisoning help, children's health, medical glossaries, help by symptom, fight HMO denials, find drug makers, herb and supplement information, travelers' health, natural health, medical privacy, lots more.  Sadly, we've also included surviving acts of terrorism...

The CDC site offers health emergency preparedness information, including facts about anthrax, botulism, pneumonic plague, and smallpox, plus frequently asked questions, plus health links.

The shocking 9-11 terrorist attack was a traumatic event affecting us physically and psychologically.  This trauma site offers tips and advice to help make sense of it all for adults and young people who want to be safer from bioterrorism, cope, and try to heal both body and mind.

For parents wondering how to talk to their kids about the disturbing events of 9/11 and what's going on in the news and the world, PBS offers plenty of good advice.  Their resources gateway for parents, America Responds, can help calm children's fears, help them heal, help them cope, and answer their questions.

For a kid-to-kid perspective, the America United Special report from Time for Kids features a section where kid reporters from al over the U.S. react to America's tragedy.

Scholastic's special report and news zone offers support for parents and teachers, world reaction to the tragic event, a Kids Can Help section, and Kids Speak Out. Child psychologist Dr. Adele Brodkin offers advice on how teachers can talk to their students, which is also reproducible for parents.

The devastating and frightening attack on America may be tough to explain to your child. Kids Health for Parents offers some thoughts on how to reassure kids, answer questions, have discussions, and when to get professional help.

Some of us feel numb, others anxious, still others anger and confusion. Kids Health for Kids helps kids express what they're feeling, be respectful of others, do a reality check, deal with feelings creatively, and even help others to feel better.

If you’ve been denied health insurance benefits on valid claims – too many of us are abused by HMOs –  American Consumers Abused by Insurers-Medical wants to help us fight for better access to medical care and restitution from often fraudulent, wrongful denial of valid medical insurance claims.

For up-to-the minute safety information on patients' adverse reactions to drugs, safety alerts for drugs, vaccines, biologics, medical devices, and dietary supplements, get to MedWatch.

Seconds count if you or someone you know is having a heart attack.  Many of us have the wrong idea of what the heart attack warning signs are.  Check out this life-saving info and take the "Act in Time to Heart Attack Signs" quiz.

This helpful medical encyclopedia gives you multiple ways to get health information: by symptom, by age, or alphabetically, and offers Q&A topics, plus a multimedia gallery on common health issues.

Get the lowdown on medical tests and procedures, check the Cool Tools like a Due Date Calculator or Body Mass Index, get health headlines, ask an expert health questions, get wellness info, drug info, interactions and recalls, and health topics from A to Z.

Here's another site where you can get info on medical procedures and tests, drug information, medical terms dictionary, info on diseases and conditions, health tips and healthy living.

Health answers, encyclopedia and drug finder await you here, plus  kids' health, info on diseases and conditions, lab tests, surgeries/procedures, symptoms, and health news and topics from abuse to worksite health.

WebMD lets you look up diseases and conditions, there's a medical library, info on drugs and herbs,  self-care, clinical trials, over the counter and prescription drugs, drug alerts, wellness topics and much more.

Many medicines can interact with food, alcohol, caffeine and with the human body; for food & drug interactions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers an informative site.

U.S. News & World Report's hospital rankings are listed by specialty, or you can select a region or state; if you prefer, search the alphabetical listing of all 168 top-ranked hospitals and learn how to make your hospital stay safer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers news, health topics, fact sheets, women's health, travelers' health, A-Z health topics, and more.

The Internet Drug Index – RxList -- lets you search drug brands, OTC's and nutraceuticals, a medical encyclopedia, drug FAQ's, alternative medicine remedies, drug news, and imprint codes for 20,000+ capsules and tablets so you know what you're taking.

Here’s a direct line to pharmacists who address your concerns and keep your questions confidential.  You can also research the pharmaceutical database, and check for warnings on non-prescription medicines.

For information about cancer research studies, specific cancers, understanding clinical trials, and locating an ongoing trial, the National Cancer Institute offers cancer trials help and beyond.

CancerWeb offers an online medical dictionary and global cancer links.

Of course, you'll check with your healthcare professional, too, but Healthtouch’s Drug Information site has more than 10,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Track down addresses, e-mail addresses, links, and telephone numbers for both prescription drug manufacturers and makers of over the counter medications.

The US National Library of Medicine offers vast resources with databases, publications, announcements, hot topics, and much more -- from the creator of MEDLINE/PubMed.

The CenterWatch site offers a Clinical Trials Listing Service offering a wealth of information, including a listing of more than 41,000 clinical trials and newly approved drug therapies.

Here’s a site that explains the difference between food poisoning and feed infection, helps with symptoms, and preventing you from getting sick to your stomach from food-borne illness – Preventing Food Poisoning and Food Infection.

Tufts University makes nutrition easy with a useful rating guide to nutrition web sites that de-mystify health and nutrition info -- sites that cover diet, safety, pesticides, special dietary needs, vegetarian resource group, recipes, links, news, lots of good stuff.

The American Iatrogenic Association promotes accountability for medical professionals and institutions -- they're devoted to the study and reporting of illnesses and death caused by the medical profession -- 80,000 of us are killed each year by doctors and medical treatments, double the annual auto fatalities.

Here's an impressive list of medical associations and patient advocacy groups, or you can research a condition or wellness topic.

Millions of Americans are turning to alternative medicine and this site includes everything from diet, mind/body connection, and supplements, to anti-aging, hands-on techniques, therapeutic touch, Ask Dr. Weil, and links to Lancet and other cool links.

Whether it's fighting colds, being supplements savvy, learning more about nutrition, children's health, pet care, hair care, or finding brain food and "healthy" chocolate, this user-friendly site has it all -- even health astrology.

This group of articles from KidsHealth helps kids deal with their feelings, including not liking school, dealing with school violence, a kid’s guide to divorce, handling homesickness, welcoming a new baby, dealing with peer pressure and much more.

If you have a question about an herb you're taking or considering, the Herb Med database is a free, outstanding resource that really does cover herbs from A to Z, with evidence, warnings, adverse effects, herb and drug interactions, etc.

For travelers, the CDC's Travelers' Health site is brimming with helpful information on everything from safe food and water, cruise ship and air travel, to outbreak alerts, vaccinations, immunizations, travelers with children or special needs, and more.

There’s also a consumer coalition at the Health Privacy Project site from Georgetown University addressing privacy regulation.

Your needs as a patient probably take a back seat to the medical machine -- organizations who put bean counting and bonuses far ahead of “Quality” medical care?  HARP (Health Administration Responsibility Project) is a resource for patients, doctors, and attorneys seeking to establish the liability of HMOs, managed health care organizations, and nursing facilities for the consequences of their decisions.

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