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...good manners, children's manners, help for parents, business etiquette, body etiquette, etiquette in cyberspace, on cell phones, or at the dinner table, etiquette experts, anger and hostility management, workplace bullies, support groups and self-help, relationships, coping, aggressive drivers, and road rage.

Good manners will get you where you want to go faster than a speeding BMW,” says etiquette educator Dorothea Johnson. Etiquette books and seminars, protocol consultants, educational institutions are beginning to incorporate social graces for students of all ages.  Not a moment too soon.

"Good manners are good business," according to many experts, including the Etiquette Ladies. And though technology seems to have set us back in terms of our etiquette, the old rules still apply. See if you can pass the Business Etiquette Quiz.

Parents who want to lead their children down the road of proper etiquette will find a helpful primer on teaching kids how to be polite. If manners are important to you, this very helpful article also includes 9 tips for teaching manners.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t!  For parents and grandparents, "teaching respect is the greatest gift" for a child.  It comes from the heart.  And here are four ways to teach kids respect.

Adapted from the Girl Scout Leader Magazine, these Online Manners for Girls and their Internet Partners impart a few basic rules for getting along in cyberspace.

Shopping, dating, social events -- whatever the occasion, you can connect with Miss Manners, the etiquette expert, in her interactive feature and ask for advice.

Politeness counts!  And according to, teaching our children about respect is the most important and enduring job parents will ever have. Here are some common-sense ways to teach the golden rule and raise a respectful child.

A report to parents from the National Association of Elementary School Principals addresses the lack of good manners by children both in the classroom and on the playground. Maybe these tips can help your children.

"Are you kids barbarians or well mannered ladies and gentlemen?" This questions, together with tips and resources for teaching kids manners, good sportsmanship, plus manners quizzes are at “Manners for Kids (and Parents)” provided by the Family Education Network.

Get a short and sweet history of etiquette, the scoop on dating etiquette for teens and more.

Nervous about being at a dinner table and trying to impress the boss, a new romance, or your significant other's family?  You can be able to get through it with poise and grace if you know the secrets and pitfalls of American table manners.

What's the proper way to eat cherry tomatoes, salad, pasta or corn on the cob?  After all, some foods may require more than just a fork or spoon. Get some dining etiquette help right here, including place settings, guest etiquette and more.

Next time you eat out at a restaurant, get the star treatment! Learn how to get treated like you own the place, how to turn a waitperson into a new best friend, how to order wine without being embarrassed or going bankrupt -- in short, how to get the most from your "restauranting"experience at

Doggie bags originated in the 6th Century B.C. in Rome. These days, we want to finesse a social occasion with grace and ease to make a positive impression. Here are some excellent tips on cocktail etiquette, from a large formal event to a casual affair, from protocol experts.

Good table manners can make a favorable impression in business situations and are key to professional success. Everything counts: napkin use, ordering, use of silverware, the way you chew, even what you do when you're finished eating.  Some great tips, plus job interview advice from the Career Center at Ball State Univ.

One technology pundit wants to introduce some social order and lay down the law -- here are the ten commandments of cell phone etiquette.  For instance, spare others any banal conversations when they have no way to escape.  Lots more, thank goodness.

Fact:  loud yakking on cell phones at inappropriate times and places disturbs other people.  (PGA Tour Officials have banned cell phones at most professional golf tournaments.) Concerned with good manners and safety, here are some etiquette tips from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.

Here are some etiquette tips in a high tech age... So, if you’re wondering whether good manners and rude gadgets can really co-exist, this one’s for you.

Here are ten "Golden Rules" for opera lovers and concert hall goers. When audience members observe the DOs and DON'Ts of audience etiquette, everyone can enjoy the evening's performance.

For dog lovers, here's a list of travel tips and etiquette for dogs and their owners. Dogs aren't allowed in certain places, so as you plan your trip, this is a good place to start for dog travel etiquette.

What fun... from a 1922 Emily Post "Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home" opus you get salutations on the street and in public, chaperons, fundamentals of good behavior, party giving tips, and plenty of other deportment clues.

Etiquette's hot! ( offers over 1800 books on etiquette!) Check out the American Memory Library of Congress and take a side trip to 19th Century self-help and self-improvement books online.  Works cover commonsense politeness, courtesy, and hints on boosting personal gentility.

In order to enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities, the City of San Antonio, Texas Planning Department and the Disability Advisory Committee prepared a Disability Etiquette Handbook that has earned very high praise.

If we're in a situation mourning the death of someone, wakes, funerals and other mourning rituals involve certain rules of etiquette. Here you can access basic guidelines and approaches to Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu funerals and traditions, so you know what to expect and what to do.

Here are some quotes on the subject of manners which are offered to inspire and motivate you.

One of the leading computer magazines, PC World, reminds us to mind our e-mail manners.  “Don’t contribute to rudeness on the web; learn these ten rules and use them forever.”

Experts agree that anger that's out of control can negatively impact personal relationships, your work, health, and overall quality of life. Get a handle on it and get some good advice on anger management from the American Psychological Association.

Measure your anger right now…with the Anger Management Toolkit!  You can also get some insight on children’s negative behavior, cope with co-workers and the boss, and other positive tips and relationship-building help.

Did you know aggression could be hormonal, even genetic?  This Psychological Self-Help link offers plenty of guidance on tempers, jealousy, signs of anger, how and why aggression develops, and how to cope with anger and frustration.

The Missouri Bar provides an excellent anger management site, including how children, parents, foster parents, grandparents, sibling, teachers, and other caregivers are affected by this very strong emotion that can be harmful to us and those around us.

Controlling anger before it controls you can mean the difference between a mere annoyance or full-fledged rage.  This site covers anger issues:  What is anger?  Are you too angry?  And offers advice including managing anger with humor.  Time well spent.

Amidst all the rudeness and aggressive behavior plaguing young people today, one author and consultant, Dr. Michele Borba offers parents six ways to help their kids handle anger.  One lesson still rings true:  parents really do make a difference.

All experts agree that releasing anger can improve your emotional and physical health.  Information is power, so here are five free tips to help you release anger.

Here's some more sound advice:  Hit the snooze button on the anger alarm!  And there's more here on how to "utilize anger" to your advantage.  Makes a lot of sense.

Full speed ahead to this Road Rage Quiz to test your road rage quotient.  If you've been told you're an aggressive driver -- a "Rager" -- here's how you can deny or confirm any bad habits.

How about the latest FAA statistics on rude -- "unruly" -- air passengers?  The numbers go back to 1995 and are updated by the FAA quarterly.

Studies show that kids' TV shows contain about 20 violent acts each hour.  Children who watch violence on television behave differently and are negatively impacted in ways that shape their later lives.  A steady diet of violence has many repercussions but parents can maintain some control.

Parents and students who want to help reduce or prevent violence in schools will find helpful advice and resources at the National Crime Prevention Council’s site. Kids need help with managing anger and conflicts, and parents will find signs to look for, plus resources so they can take action.  Any constructive action will help.

Check out the outstanding Self-Help Sourcebook to connect with real-life support groups and networks for depression, alcohol recovery, whatever.

Are you being pushed around by a "serial bully?" Bullies help fuel the rudeness sweeping the country -- bullying bosses and co-workers, partner abuse, student and teacher bullying -- and the results are far-reaching including stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, injury and even suicide.  Click into bullying resources, news, and advice.

Steer clear of road rage. Here are some wise techniques and sound advice to help you avoid confrontations and problems with aggressive drivers.

Here's the world's leading site on drivers and driver behavior.

What do Tom Cruise, Jerry Stiller, Bette Midler, Ricky Martin, Goldie Hawn, Florence Henderson, Mortimer Zuckerman, and US Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle want?  They want to improve our society and help restore respect in a national effort to reduce verbal violence:  WORDS CAN HEAL.  Take the pledge to replace hurtful words with words that encourage and enrich, and check out the helpful family kits, workplace kits, and more.

Wish the world was a kinder place?  If you do, then you agree with the folks who started the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Their goal is to help demonstrate the extraordinary power of kind acts – large and small – and the positive impact of kindness on the human spirit.

Make a Difference Day, a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors, is an annual event created by USA WEEKEND Magazine that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every October. Last year, 2.2 million people cared enough about others that they helped about 25 million people. Each April, good deeds are selected for honors, headlines and charitable donations.  Ordinary people really can make a difference!


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