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Stress relief, relaxation, humor, web games, and entertaining fun to help you chill out... diversions, entertainment, instant stress-busters, kids' stuff, stress management, relaxation, chill out and vent, find humor, laugh, play games, and get un-serious.

There's plenty to entertain you and soothe frazzled nerves at the Barking Spider.  Like fun elevator games, church bulletin bloopers, courtroom humor, and etch-a-sketch tech support for starters.  "Good clean fun" with a "100% Laugh Guarantee."

Relax right here with Wacky Faces.  (Plus, you've never seen Dubya like this before with the Dancing (President) Bush game.)  In fact, you can even get your own Dancing or Aerobics Game starring YOU.

Take your mind off your troubles and lose yourself in the Fun ZoneThere's lots to do -- hundreds of free games and Brain Teasers, there's also the Freebie Zone, Astrology Zone, Kids Zone, arcade games, "over 10,000 things to do."

Think you've got problems?  Give Camp Counselor Bob a hand riding his ski biscuit through treacherous waters, play with Experimental Penguins -- or enjoy the other fun challenges here.

If you feel like you wanna smite someone, here's a chance to
toss some thunderbolts. Punish the heretics who are looting
your temple and, if you're fast enough, you can bless the believers.

For anyone who needs a spark in their day, check out this fireworks display -- you're the pyrotechnic director here.

For grownups who want to just de-stress for a few minutes --   bookmark this entertaining, fun site and get instant stress relief.

Whether you're a Pisces, Libra, or Gemini, you could probably use a chuckle right about now.  So get your Daily Humorscope!

Go fly a kite!  But first, make it yourself – everything you need to need to know to build your own simple kite is here with a listing of basic parts, materials needed, instructions and tips.

Would you like 25 ways to cut stress in your business and personal life?  You'll find the first two basic principles suggested here involve having fun and having a laugh to reduce tension!

Here’s a wealth of information on stress management including relaxation techniques and devices, biofeedback, hypnosis, meditation, visualization, and humor for frayed nerves, information overload, as well as stress relief for college students.

You’ll find a “stress scale”, a checklist for handling overstress, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, emotional conflicts, drug use, and more at this bi-lingual health education site which is also quite helpful for high school and college students.

This site’s unique Stress-O-Meter uses patented techniques to measure the amount of stress in your work environment, measuring worries about things like salary, uncomfortable workplace, lay-offs and other concerns.

You can't eliminate the pressures in your life, but you can learn to eliminate stress.  You see, pressure is what's happening to you, stress is how you respond to the pressures.  Chill out with the Cyber Psychologist, no appointment necessary.

A doctor once advised us to read "The Relaxation Response" by Dr. Herbert Benson.  We did.  And then we bought extra copies for friends and family.  Dr. Benson, along with so many medical voices, shows us that the simple act of becoming deeply relaxed relieves stress, mental tension, and benefits a variety of ailments. You have the power to help with your own healing.

You can use imagery, positive thinking, meditation, and other stress reduction techniques to get stress levels under control. Whether it's environmental, chemical or nutritional stress, or lifestyle and job stress, why not "think your way to an excellent life."

Frayed around the edges?  Here's a short list of stress management methods to keep you from succumbing to stress overload provided by the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John's University.

Kids can sense when the adults around them are stressed and anxious, and when a disaster strikes as did on September 11th, kids may feel that they and those they care for are in danger.  For children of all ages, here's a roadmap parents can use to help kids handle disaster-related anxiety.

Excellent stress management information from the Oklahoma State University Department of Environmental Health and Safety includes facts about job stress, public speaking and stress, and more.

Did you know that stress boosts your heart attack risk?  Get lots of good advice, tips, FAQ's, on taking care of your heart.  And check on the tips for a successful doctor's visit, too!

Weber University in Utah's Dr. Michael Olpin offers an excellent stress management site complete with relaxation resources, 10 commandments for managing stress, 10 more commandments, and over 100 good reasons to exercise your stress away.

Are you a nervous bride-to-be? Do you know of one? This site offers "65 Stress Busters To Consider During Wedding Planning" to help the bride and groom help take their minds off their hassles.

Have some chocolate, take a nap, take a walk, listen to music, have good laugh or a good cry -- just some of the many ways to survive in a very hectic world.  The key is to restore balance in our overstressed, overworked, overextended lives and engage in simple pleasures. Read all about "The Lost Art of Having Fun."

Got time for some totally useless and totally fascinating stories? There's the Matchstick Man, the Electric Pickle, or America's First Toilet Paper Shortage. It's said that all are true...

You know it and everyone else knows it: we've got a few really dumb laws!  So do other countries. Also check out the dumb bumpers, dumb criminal acts, and more.

Want to know what happened on your birthday?  Or if anything important took place on this day in automotive, Civil War, technology, or Wall Street history? Do some time traveling.

The clock watcher's dream come clocks, counters, calendars, and countdown to New Year 2001 or any other date, it's all here.

This list of resources would not be complete without a link to Rodney Dangerfield, the ultimate authority on getting respect.

Still annoyed about the presidential election?  Relax and distort the former candidates.

Think you're funny?  Showcase your best stuff and win some bucks at Comedy Sprints.  Or, play Mad Libz, join in the fun at Asinine Storylines, or check out the Cartoon Machine!

Get un-serious!  Get yourself a Daily Affirmation Ball.  Or a freeloader fork.  A Sumo wrestler fan.  Smoking donkey.  Computer voodoo.  Retro stuff or party stuff.  Take the Nerd Test, or play with puzzles and quizzes in the Goodies & Games section.  All at Archie McPhee -- the funniest toy store in the known universe.

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