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Empowering, Enlightening, Helpful, How-to, Feel-Good, and Gee-Whiz sites...

...learn how to do just about anything, get information on how stuff works and how to measure everything, do it yourself, find word help, be inspired, get energized, get help for anxiety disorders, find psychological pick-me-ups, tap into topics on kids, dating, you-name-it, find multi-lingual dictionaries, all sorts of help for travelers, and many other awesome and totally useful sites.

If you're feeling a little patriotic and in need of a U.S. flag, go to this site and download or print all the flag images you need.

Wanna do things you never learned in school?  Like how to play poker, be a sitcom writer, throw a bachelor party, or flatten your abs?  Get full-length explanations or mini-lessons on all sorts of situations and adventures -- even help with decorating your apartment or running a marathon at!

Don’t be daunted by centimeters, knots, mach, liters, kilograms, bytes, tablespoons, watts, hexadecimals, parsecs, or pounds. Now you can look like a genius and convert just about anything to anything else, translate phrases into pig Latin, test your typing speed, and so much more.

The next time you turn on your blender or handheld game and start to wonder how it works, here’s a site that tells you how all kinds of stuff works -- a real jackpot for the chronically curious that includes how pool tables work, how car engines work and even how your brain works.

For your next project, check out one of the most imaginative and useful clip art sites on the web. offers superior images covering special occasions, arts, fun stuff, business, education, fantasy, food and more.  PC Magazine praises them, too, for quality and usability.  So be as creative and cool as you like.

Like to play with words?  Translate text or web pages into any one of several comic dialects -- even this web page is hilarious in Cockney, Pig Latin, or Redneck.  Besides the Dialectizer, there are idiotic warning labels, computer stupidities, book-a-minute, a laugh riot for lovers of language.

Put a little pun in your life!  For a quick change of mental venue, go to Pun of the Day.  No shortage of puns here -- all listed by category.  Some punny stuff, folks.

True or false:  a man has been stranded at a Paris airport for more than a decade.  A dress made of meat was exhibited in the National Gallery of Canada -- true of false?  Find out if recent rumors and press stories on the War on Terrorism are true.  Go to the Urban Legends Reference Pages and don't miss the "Toxin du jour" section!

Acronyms drive you crazy?  Discover their hidden meanings! Get over 198,000 definitions for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms.

How far is twip? What's the difference between an "olf" and an "ohm"? How do you measure beer bitterness or a hair's-breadth? Here's a highly recommended site that features metric units, viscosity grades -- scores of measuring terms that only a dictionary of units of measurement could provide.

You can convert liquid equivalents, temperature equivalents, velocity equivalents, area equivalents, power equivalents, metrology equivalents and a whole lot more right here.

Maybe you’re like us – one of those people who’d rather do-it-yourself. Here’s a wealth of arts & crafts, automotive, decorating, gardening, home improvement, recreation and hobby information, with kits, chats, workshops, tips, and solutions.

If you want to build, remodel, repair, fix, install, plant, prune, tune-up, remove, weatherize, panel, cement, snake, secure or refinish it, AND save money at the same time, chances are you’ll find tips, tricks, advice and more for your do-it-yourself projects.

Also for do-it-yourselfers, get full text articles on the A to Z of home maintenance and repair with help on water treatment, stain removal, pests, care and cleaning of surfaces and flooring, etc.

Sure, you’ve got questions. Get answers from real people, for free. And you can remain anonymous, too. The experts will do their best for you.

Answers to your questions can be found at the oldest and largest free Q & A service on the Internet.  AllExperts is staffed by thousands of volunteers who cover everything from recreation, gadgets and hobbies, to pets, relationships and careers.

Look up stuff in over 230 different languages, and also find plenty more word play like grammar and vocabulary aids, thesauri, linguistic fun, word of the day, 30+ multi-lingual dictionaries and more at this highly regarded site.

Whether you’re just curious, or need to know how to dress for your commute to work, check this information-packed weather site which includes satellite imagery, over 700 live weather cams, the National Hurricane Center, ski weather, and more.

So how far is it – as the crow flies? Check the distance between cities around the world.

Need to renew your passport? Want to do it by mail? The U.S. State Department offers instructions and mailing address.

You’re going overseas and need to learn how to say a few key phrases in Korean, Polish, Tagalog -- or any other language. This Foreign Languages for Travelers site offers help in a hurry.

When your plane touches down, are you landing during a national or religious celebration? Try checking with the Worldwide Holiday and Festival site.

Traveling out of the country? Get some quick exchange rates for foreign currency in over 30 nations.

Also, for travelers or investors, this excellent currency converter is only a click away and it's multi-lingual.

From dating and investing, to water sports and theme parks, Select Surf has a site map to get your motor running and take you to computer topics, travel topics, kid topics, music topics and more.

At a loss for words? Don't panic...the Internet Public Library Quotations Reference Page includes a vast offering of quotation collections, and also includes more specialized scientific, engineering, and movie quotes!

You never know when you’ll need a rhyming dictionary to express yourself.

Holy page-turner, here’s a site with thousands of books online, offering 13,000+ listings, even a foreign language archive!

Get some inspiration and motivation from Cyber Quotations-- over 24,000 quotations that include humor, and more.

Let someone know you're thinking of them, send them a greeting card for their un-birthday, or lift someone's spirits with a no-occasion, don't sweat the small stuff, follow your dreams or other occasion e-card surprise.

A greeting card can mend fences, offer a little encouragement, acknowledge a milestone with a pat on the back, inspire someone, or tell them how much they mean to you.

And here's a good plan: from one of the most uplifting, life-affirming voices in broadcast media today -- Oprah Winfrey -- you can offer support and encouragement to someone with "O to Go e-cards" featuring Oprah's favorite quotes spoken in her own voice.

At Ask Happyshrink, Happy posts questions, answers, message boards, advice, rants and ravings – and humor. You can also chat with Happyshrink online every Tuesday in a group therapy session.

Ever wonder how phobias are named? Find the answer, plus a list of several hundred phobias and places to look for help.

Anxiety disorders like panic disorders, phobias, and others are covered, together with valuable resources, at the National Institute of Mental Health's site in order to better understand conditions, treatments for disorders that can disrupt your life.

The September 11th attack left indelible scars on the childhoods of many of America's youth.  One organization offers opportunities to pitch in and help others, resources for assistance, healthcare services, advice and support groups, as well as a free workbook, "First Aid for Feelings" to help kids manage feelings.

Here’s an invaluable psychology self-help site that offers information and links about specific disorders related to psychology like Alzheimer's, eating disorders, ADD, depression, mood and sleep disorders, substance abuse, trauma and more.

We’ve lost friends and loved ones to major illnesses. That’s why life-threatening illnesses, pain management and care for the dying are important issues for us. Growth House, a richly helpful, award-winning site provides a wealth of resources for end of life care and sponsors a Web Angels Brigade.

You don’t have to face grief and bereavement alone; find support groups, links, e-mail support, advice, discussions, tips on dealing with grief, coping with pet loss and more.

The Compassionate Friends offers grief support after the death of a child, providing friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings through information, affirmation, and resources.

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