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Consumer news, resources and links to get some respect, some action, some satisfaction...

...learn how to protect your family, where to complain directly about products and services, find out about product and toy recalls, child safety, legal help, Internet viruses, worms, and web privacy, scams and rip-offs,  identity theft and privacy, air passenger rights, product comparisons, and much more!

This site keeps you informed and might save your life -- it features timely product recalls and safety warnings that include tainted foods, undeclared allergens in foods, choking and fire hazards, unsafe autos and products, counterfeit drugs and more.

Check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s site dedicated to keeping American families safe, with recalls of unsafe products, bi-lingual information, a "4 Kids" area, and other lifesaving information.

If you’ve been dumped on, or dazzled, by a company, here’s your chance to express yourself.  Whether it’s travel, computers, cars, health, utilities, the phone company – when products or services please or tick you off, have your say and talk to any company directly!

When you’re feeling taken advantage of by an airline, bank, phone company, computer store – companies that stick it to you instead of serving you – here’s you can fight back.  Speak up.  In fact, your complaint is not only sent to the company at fault, but also published for fellow consumers!

Whether you're being "mouse-trapped" (you visit a website and can't get back), worry about "bargain travel prices," need a consumer agency or online customer service help, Consumer World: Everything Consumer is a public service, non-commercial guide to consumer rights with over 2000 of the most useful resources. offers real-world help for consumers with a directory of consumer assistance organizations, telemarketing laws, tools to trace junk e-mail and more.

From consumer class actions, warnings about kids' products, sleazy "charities," to work-at-home schemes, or help with insurance, aging, funerals, weddings, and lots of consumer news -- this is where the consumer is king.

To make an inquiry about a business, or try to resolve a consumer complaint, click here to find a local Chamber of Commerce to contact for answers.

The National Association of Attorneys General gets you in touch with your state's attorney general, and offers the latest news, features and other helpful information.

This Better Business Bureau mother lode leads you to the BBBs that serve your state and offers dispute resolution info, news and alerts, lets you check out a company or charity and file a complaint.

Track down corporate consumer contacts at major US corporations – they’re listed alphabetically by company name with addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mails, and URLs thanks to the Federal Consumer Information Center’s Consumer  Action Handbook.

To help web users and U.S. companies prevent the 20 worst Internet worms, viruses, and bugs, the FBI has teamed up with the computer industry.  The Top Twenty list combines the knowledge of leading experts and offers you security fixes at the SANS Institute web site.

With more than 58,000 computer virus threats out there today, you definitely want to check in with the McAfee Virus Information Library.  It tells you about viruses and how to remove them -- plus get the scoop on virus hoaxes before you pass along another e-mail to all your friends.

Hoax News is an acclaimed internet “key resource” that lists the latest hoaxes chronologically and alphabetically so you can search for a specific hoax – including those that claim they’re NOT hoaxes.

Too bad there are so many ways to waste your time with computer and Internet hoaxes! The U.S. Dept. of Energy has a public service Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC Team) and they're your HoaxBusters.

Hoaxes, phony computer virus alerts, or promotions that sound too good to be true are uncovered on a regular basis at Symantec.  Don’t be fooled -- check out hoax e-mails here.

The highly-recommended Internet Scam Busters offers you consumer tips and a free e-zine, and covers everything from online auctions, counterfeit items, and e-mail scams to urban legends, and the best resources for stopping or reducing junk e-mail.

Fly-Rights: a Consumer Guide to Air Travel explains your rights and responsibilities so you can become an informed consumer. On-line booklet covers air fares, overbooking, scams, safety, delayed and cancelled flights, and also how to complain.

The US Dept. of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division site features customer service policies of major airlines, flight cancellation and delay policies, “non- refundable ticket” policies, etc. plus how and where consumers can file complaints, including airline complaint forms online.

Get the scoop on the Airline Quality Ratings.  Choose full reports, summary reports, or press release formats for the current year and past years.  Reports cover arrivals, denied boardings, and a combination of 12 customer complaint categories.

For flyers who worry, not only offers info on fear of flying and flying tips, they provide information on aviation safety, events involving the deaths of airline passengers, fatal events records of 100 airlines, accident and incident data with aircraft models and airports, plus travel-safety oriented resources.

When you want to correct or check out your credit, go to these three sites:  Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

Kudos! to Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s Internet user handbook, "Know the Rules, Use the Tools," to protect your privacy on the web. You're vulnerable so check these resources and solutions -- the handbook is designed to download.

Who's snooping around your personal data today?  Here’s some self-defense against being exploited in the ongoing invasion of privacy -- how to protect yourself; how to un-spam your life, fight against your personal data being exploited, learn how cookies threaten your privacy, and lots more.

How identity theft occurs: "When bad things happen to your good name," is a vital document to read or download in order to help prevent someone from ruining your credit.  Learn how  identify theft occurs and how to minimize risk.

Protect your rights! Get practical tips on safeguarding personal privacy, Internet privacy, identity theft, and more -- fact sheets, publications, and resources provide practical tips to empower you to protect personal information from identity thieves.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center offers extensive privacy information on topics from air travel privacy and cookies, to driving records and workplace privacy, and covers hot topics that affect you and your family every day.

Just about every move you make on the web is tracked by methods you’ve never imagined. shows you ways you’re being tracked, shows you how snoopy cookies work, how banner ads track your activity and identity -- a real eye-opener!

Computer experts advise you how to surf the web safely, with suggestions on how to protect your machine, your PC's identity, private information and other ways to fight snoops.

The International Web Police is the largest crime fighting agency on the Internet with police officers and concerned citizens located in 61 countries around the world; they investigate crimes such as child abuse, stalking, destructive hacking, and more.

Your opinion counts at where you rate e-businesses for reliability and customer satisfaction.  Plus, get early warnings of scams to watch out for in Naked Scams.

Shopping online with a little more confidence is also the mission of where you can search for e-merchants, praise an e-merchant, or file a complaint.

Whether you're looking for a treadmill, TV, computer, SUV, camera, dishwasher, barbecue grill, whatever, the ConsumerSearch helps you identify the best products available, with product comparisons and reviews from many sources.

Before you shop, know what you’re buying -- Consumer Reports Online offers unbiased ratings and recommendations of products and services with a handy A to Z index.

Buying computer products or consumer electronics? Comparison shop so you know who's offering the best price.  Price Watch keeps tabs on hardware, software and electronics prices.

From books, bikes, brokers and beers, to software, skin care, skis and strollers, you can compare products side-by-side, learn which products are highest-rated or lowest-rated, get advice, and find the best place to buy it.

Greed is rude. And Executive PayWatch shines a bright light on excessive CEO salaries, bonuses and perks -- which continue to skyrocket even in a softening economy -- and they also help make your voice be heard -- as shareholders and consumers you can take action and join the e-campaign to stop runaway CEO pay.

Yikes! While many Americans struggle to get by, CEO paychecks have climbed from 41 times the average manufacturing worker's salary in 1970, to 326-to-one in 1997.  Kudos to Congressman Martin Olav Sabo whose Income Equity Act would address this income gap that's mushroomed by 700%!

Corporate Watch is a watchdog organization that holds corporations accountable with campaigns, investigative reports, research tools, and more to fight corporate abuses, and keep us informed of what's going wrong in the world we live in.

HALT fights to protect you from incompetent, negligent or unscrupulous lawyers, and works to expose legal abuses. The Wall St. Journal says, they "chip away at lawyers' monopoly on the legal system."   You get answers to common legal questions, resources, and you can order a copy of "How to Write Letters of Complaint that Get Results," written by a consumer consultant!

The Nolo Self-Help Law Center is packed with do-it-yourself legal information for wills and estate planning, small business, independent contractors, landlords and tenants, trademarks, marriage, personal injury, law dictionary, and forms.

Protect yourself and your family with practical legal first-aid on accidents, defective products, serious injuries, cancer and birth defects by toxic chemicals, free legal consultations online, and over 200 articles and brochures by litigation specialists at this excellent legal information site.

The Legal Information Institute helps you access legal materials and get answers to lots of questions at their information-packed site with law listed by source or jurisdiction, law events in the news, court decisions and rulings-- highly informative!

Cover your assets! Get practical legal stuff in simple English.  Find legal, tax, estate and financial info – probate, estate planning, help for newlyweds, living wills, medical authorization forms for kids, plus audio clips from radio shows featuring tips and legal forms of the week.

Legal help and plenty of it  is packed into this informative site for consumers; there’s an easy-to-use legal dictionary, legal guides, find-a-lawyer search, resources galore.

The SEC provides tips and guidelines on Internet fraud, e-mail spam, masquerading newsletters, suspicious bulletin boards, and other valuable pointers at their Internet Fraud site How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams.

Public Interest Research Groups battle against consumer abuses all across the country, tackling everything from dangerous children’s products, playground safety, and ATM surcharges, to Social Security number misuse, deceptive credit card practices, etc.

The Public Citizen site was founded by Ralph Nader and is definitely on your side with latest news on consumers getting drilled at the gas pump, unsafe tires not recalled, corporate wrongdoing, Congress Watch, etc.

Hundreds of consumer publications are available on myriad topics, and this Federal Consumer Information Center site also features scams and frauds, safety recalls, housing, travel, FAQ's, and a pleasant surprise, FirstGov for Kids.

It’s your government!  And here's where you can access over half a million U.S. government documents, databases, plus Federal agencies, services and programs -- you name it.

Another outstanding one-stop shopping point for Federal government information on the web is Federal Web Locator offering "Federal government information at your fingertips" -- the IRS, FBI, Office of National AIDS Policy, US Copyright Office, etc.

One of the key missions of The Federal Trade Commission is to work for consumer protection.  Get lots of info, Internet health fraud help, consumer alerts, and file a complaint online.

Believe everything you see and hear in the news?  Somebody's got to keep the media honest.  Check in with Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, the national media watch group.

If you haven't heard about it yet, there's a consortium of over 75 companies that has a plan to help folks save for college.  Upromise offers a chance to get back part of your spending on gas, books, groceries, cars, hamburgers -- you name it -- and the money you get back goes into a college fund. Check it out!

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