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Experts call this the age of rage,  and people are behaving badly all around us... So a lot of bad things happen to good people... bad attitudes, road rage, air rage, rudeness and incivility, consumer fraud and ripoffs, bad products, bad toys, bad businesses, medical and legal malpractice, computer viruses, hoaxes and scams, tainted food, bad politicians, privacy theft -- and sky-high stress levels.

How can we help you today?...

w Humor relieves stress so to help restore a battered psyche and give you a reason to smile, we've written Tax the Rude, Not Me!  Strictly for laughs and totally stress-free, this humorous book of gripes and pet peeves takes aim at the bozos you come in contact with every day.

The Midwest Book Review calls it, Hilarious, Very Clever, and Well-Crafted!  Lenore Skenazy of the New York Daily News says, "This book is really funny!" and "Thanks for the chuckles!"  We hope you find it offers a funny and welcome diversion on the bumpy road of life.

w We've scoured the web to provide you with many excellent resources so you can get answers, be safer and smarter, be healthy, be a survivor, solve problems, fight back, be amazed, amused, relaxed, energized, and entertained!  We've weeded out the hype and focused on the helpful -- you get real help real fast*!

w Sadly, common courtesy and etiquette are practically extinct... dysfunctional drivers, cranky co-workers, cellphone savages, distracted doctors, arrogant airlines, and surly store clerks.  Check out anger and rudeness making news for tales of incivility and some reassuring insights. Plus, see that you're not alone -- check out who says we're rude, where numbers speak louder than words.

w *NEW!  Be sure to visit our expanded, award-winning sister site,, where hundreds of useful resources await you -- etiquette, fun, laughs, anger control, stress relief, relaxation, health, consumer protection, un-rude kid sites, free polite kid award, look-like-a-genius tools, rage and rudeness in the news, anger and incivility statistics, advice, opinions, heroes, bozos, and much more!  Thanks for visiting.

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